Sunday, March 24, 2013


Well – how about this - on December 8th, 2010 - contacted by Carlos Panthera - formerly Oak Lawn P D and formerly an Arthur Loevy client - who sometimes uses the name Cliff.

Carlos sounded as tough and as rough as he could on his cell - stating he would sue as he did not like what was being put forth on this Blog.

One has to wonder if Arthur Loevy is in contact with Carlos- Cliff - as sometimes called - as to suit initiation.

Arthur Loevy has architected suit before to harass, embarrass and denigrate reputation of this writer - but did so surreptitiously - using surrogate counsel to keep his name sneakily hidden.

" THE CREW" with Wheeling P.D.'s Billy Stutzman taking the lead and Evergreen Park P.D.' s Michael Dwyer - to the rear - fronting for Mr. Loevy's nefarious legal maneuvers, needed personal satisfying revenge and a bitterness catharsis.

Mr. Loevy - who was taking a legal piece of yours truly - for firing him and telling him he should be knocked through a wall but that doing so would be as hitting a woman - sought revenge through legal processes and filings of needling, taking one apart at the defense cost rate of $350 @ hour - plus.

Mr. Loevy is quite an expert at legal process and using this fallacious nation of laws venue for his gain – the rule of law as the pols say – as the judicial branch of politics manipulates - but more later as to Arthur Loevy and his machinations with ‘”THE CREW”

And maybe even more threats of law suits – the weapon of choice of many of America’s manipulative phonies.

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