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Arthur R Loevy
While viewing a little background - a little Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (UNITE ) history one must keep in mind Arthur R. Loevy was Secretary Treasurer. A position held during these 1990 times of turmoil within the  now, visited and told of  now in 2010.

Strife from within  - with some pretty tough and he rightly surmised dangerous guys.

And strife from without from governmental investigation. Jay Mazur the International President-he and Art the top guys.

These two fellows ruled all, pensions, medicals and of course the Amalgamated Bank. The Amalgamated Bank in Chicago had been sold by the union to Gene Heytow - a well heeled politically connected guy on both sides of the governmental spectrum. Gene was sharp enough of forethought to make Billy Daley Amalgamated Bank President although his banking background was nihil.

Arthur Loevy, being the intelligent, well educated, cunning  man that he was and is, decided the best move for Arthur Loevy was to get out and get out fast. Courage and guts as to his personally  facing of tough issues - up front - were never his forte.

And being of sound mind Arthur looked for cover - wanted to be cloaked on both sides of his pending problems.

One side of his problems -he knew - some  tough guys. The other side - well - major investigations - tough guys in other ways . Thusly- in fear, the smart move - turn too safety and self reputation fronting. Leave the NYC  headquarters and his enjoyed  power title of  International Secretary Treasurer.

What better cover than police officers - good for the reputation he knew  and - they carry guns should bad guys come around.

So in mid 1997 he placed a call to the teller of this saga. An interesting review from that time to the present now begin. A book could be written - but the telling will begin here. For Arthur Loevy did not tell as to his reasons for leaving his lifes all while calling John Flood, the President and founder in 1968 of  the Combined Counties Police Association for employ on his staff.

He stated all was a life change. He withheld the true reasons that would eventually  emerge to the chagrin of  this writer.

Thoughts may wander now and then-but all will be the writers perspective as to Arthur R. Loevy, a law firms founding, direction to this day  and the assistance of THE CREW...

They being:

William Stutzman   Wheeling P D    ( RET )

Solomon Smith      Maywood P D    ( RET )

Michael Dwyer       Evergreen Park P D

Marty McGrath       Oak Lawn P D

Butch McGorkle     Burbank P D

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