Saturday, August 14, 2010


 Art Loevy--

We also approached Art and asked him to come back.  Whether you
want to acknowledge the fact or not, Art Loevy is an excellent labor law
attorney, a person we  wanted back on board.

 Art is paid 2,500  a month.  So yes John, I again can see  how you say that Art Loevy is taking advantage of the union.

Never mind that he has a very successful law firm with his son.  $30,000 a year will definitely put Art Loevy into that higher tax bracket.

 Bill Stutzman--        I have been paid $1,000 a month plus expenses,

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Anonymous said...

John Flood hit the nail in the head during his radio chat with Steve. He worked hard to "SERVE AND PROTECT" as a cop on the street. Why? He was one of the few that cared. There were a lot of Chicago cops that cared, however when they tried to stop the outfit in some cases, they were told that they would never make rank, they would be moved to a different district, far from their home, and a "BRICK" would be put on them for a transfer. Once I was asked by the outfit if I knew any cips on the street that wanted to me "made". Once that had rank the outfit would own them. I5t's all about money and power. I knew others that had clout, that got promited, and then again, promited, and then again promited. Now how do you make Captain in 12 years and have your choice of the District that you want to work in? It's easy, you have to know something on someone on the force, or a politician to push you up the ladder. As for me, I was left alone by police all over the city, because they knew I was connected to the outfit. When ever I was stoped for a traffic violitation, one of the things I was always asked was, "Where do you work?" When I told them I owned am adult video shop on Wells street I was told, "Take it easy" and sent on my way. I wonder who has badge number 700 now. It went from father to son, and the son retired. Is the badge retired?

Most of the people in Chicago don't care. A Chicago cop has a hard job, it's a thankless job. John and other select cops tried and did make changes to the force. I thank them sincerely. I, by my own choice became a mole for the FBI in August of 1971. I didn't trust any cops then. I wish I had known John then, but then again anytime I reported a murder to the FBI they told me not to talk about it, it was a state crime and not to trust the locals.

Thanks John for all you have done for the City and County. Red